Attract the top candidates with a winning job advertisement


Advertising a vacant role is often a go-to strategy to attract candidates. But not all ads are the same. How can you be sure that your job advertisement will attract a high calibre employee who will be a great fit for your team? There’s a few things to consider, plus a few tricks to help you along your way. Keep in mind, your job advertisement is often the first impression of your company that you give to a candidate. You need to convey the real you – your team, your vision, your company’s goals. You’ll be looking to attract a candidate who shares your passion and vision, so you’ll need to talk about the type of person you’re looking for, not just what might be on their resume.

Here a few helpful do’s and don’t’s:

  • Do speak to the audience as if you are talking directly to the person. They’ll get a feel for what it will be like with them in the role.
  • Don’t just rattle off a long bullet list of job duties taken from an outdated job description. Instead, talk about outcomes and expectations. You’ll entice someone who wants to go above and beyond. (We’ll talk about meaningful job descriptions next time.)
  • Do be realistic. If your role sounds too good to be true, your audience will think it is. Or they’ll think you’re hiding something. Remember, people like challenges, too.
  • Do describe your company. Not just a copy/paste off your website. Talk about your vision, values and goals. People who are aligned with your vision will help your company succeed.
  • Don’t write a long paragraph and expect everyone to apply. Keep the formatting clean, clear and well structured.
  • Do include industry known and understood words/phrases. You might use your own acronyms or descriptions, but that won’t help someone searching.
  • Do a spell check and proof read. Read your ad in full, out loud. Is it accurate? Does it convey everything you need to attract the right person?
  • Don’t rush through the short description. Those 200 characters determine whether your audience will click to read your ad, or not.
  • Do pay attention to the guidelines offered by your job advertising platform. You might need to make some tweaks to your ad.

Well, there you have it. You’ve written a winning ad and you’re on your way to finding your ideal employee. Need a way to screen through your applicants to ensure you find your superstar? Hiya does all the hard work for you.  


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