Does your position description define success?

Does your position description paint a picture of the position as a whole; how it fits within the company structure and how the position contributes to the company’s success? Or is it simply a list of duties?

It’s especially important when bringing a new person into the team that you are able to articulate what is expected of that person and what success looks like. Having a results oriented position description (or job description) is a good place to start.

Here are 10 steps that will help you:

  1. Start by listing the tasks and responsibilities
  2. Delve a little deeper by highlighting which responsibilities take priority or are critical functions
  3. Expand the task by thinking about what / who else is involved – lines of reporting, interaction with other staff, the outcomes and objectives.
  4. Explain how that outcome is measured and overall what the objectives are of the role. Not only will this enable you to effectively track performance, but the person in the role will have a greater sense of achievement and will understand how what they do contributes to the company vision and goals. What does success look like in 1 / 2 / 3 years?
  5. Determine the key candidate criteria making sure that these are inherent requirements for the role. Think about how your criteria are displayed whilst the person is performing the role.

Criteria should include:

  • Skills
  • Behaviours and Competencies
  • Attributes
  • Qualifications
  1. Describe your company culture – your vision, values, goals and company ethics. This is important to ensure you are bringing people into your team who believe what you believe. Someone with aligned values who can share your vision will succeed, helping you and your company to grow.
  2. Include a summary of the structure – where this role sits, who it reports to, which department it is in
  3. Ensure you have chosen a job title that clear, concise and an accurate reflection of the role. Gastronomical Hygiene Engineer might sound cool, but Kitchen Hand will mean more to your target market.
  4. Now summarise the job functions into a job purpose statement. This should be two to three sentences to encapsulate the key output and results of the role.
  5. Compile these points into a document and ensure it is easy to read, being descriptive yet fairly concise. Your position description will underpin your advertising / sourcing efforts, will carry through your recruitment process and will become an important tool throughout the candidate’s employment.


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