Let the perfect fit come to you

Invite candidates to complete a video interview.


The ‘feel’ you get from the candidate very quickly with a video is something unbelievable.


An instant first impression

It offers candidates a chance to shine and show the company how they would fit into the business


It's quick and easy

You get to give everyone the chance they deserve and essentially interview all candidates in a a short amount of time


Face to face?

Video interviewing is used for pre-screening purposes, NOT to replace face-to-face interviews.

How do a I start interviewing?

The employer has sent you the video questions. Now he wants the potential candidates to answer them – including YOU!

Step 1: Download Hiya

Jump straight into either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download Hiya on to your mobile.

Step 2: Create your unique invite

Through your position search, enter the position you are hiring for, add in the basic job requirements and click invite. A unique invite link is generated and sent to your email.

Step 3: Attract the perfect fit

Share your unique invite link with existing candidates you want to get to know better or share it on your job ads, career pages and social media. Instantly see candidates who share your values, suit your company culture and are passionate about working for your business

Step 4: Shortlist your favourite

Candidates with completed videos will be added straight into your position search. You will be able to review and shortlist candidates on the go using Hiya.

Step 5: It's time for a face to face

Send a more detailed position description directly to the candidates you have shortlisted and organise a face to face interview.

Step 6: Make a confident hire

You have now made your most successful hire to date. Your new staff member is the perfect cultural fit for your business and a long lasting working relationship has begun.