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An instant first impression

Your applicants get a chance to shine and show you how they would present to your customers


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Find your superstars

Instantly find people with the personality and confident you need for your store

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Christmas is a busy enough time as it is, you don’t need the added pressure of trying to work out who are the right people you want working in your store. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that made finding the perfect Christmas Casuals super easy? Well, you’re looking at it!


No more guessing

Imagine if that pile of Christmas Casual resumes would screen themselves and you got to see the people who are passionate about your brand and who fit your store requirements perfectly.

You’ll receive your applicants’ responses on your mobile so you can review their suitability when it’s convenient to you.

Can I see an example? Click here to see Bec's full resu-card

"Using Hiya to funnel our applicants directly to us with videos has saved so much stress, time and money."

HR Manager, Morrison

What costs are involved?

To download, search our database, watch candidates’ pre-recorded videos and shortlist is 100% free!

Don’t worry about recruitment fees, this is your app to use in-house. Think of this at Netflix for hiring. For $69.99pm (no lock-ins, cancel anytime) you can invite your own applicants, review their videos, shortlist and contact all candidates.

To set up an invite funnel, it takes 10 minutes and saves you weeks of work. It’s a no-brainer, get Hiya today and enjoy stress-free recruiting!

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