Hire people, not resumes

Your candidates are more than just those generic keywords you see on the resume, they’re real people, with real personalities. Go beyond the resume to feel the spark, see the passion and hire the best fit today!

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The future of hiring

We’re proud to announce that Hiya was recognised as one of Westpac’s 200 Businesses of Tomorrow!

How it works

Our super easy to use mobile app makes attracting, reviewing and shortlisting the top candidates simple!


Invite your candidates

Create an interview invite with the click of a button and we’ll do the heavy lifting. Send the invite link to your candidates or post on your careers page


Review on the go

Being completely one-way and pre-recorded, means there’s no need to schedule time out of your busy day. Get live notifications and review interviews at your leisure


Go beyond the skills

At this stage, you will have instantly identified the top 20%. You’re ready to invite your energetic and ambitious shortlist in for a face-to-face interview. The decision has never been easier!

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"I love the fact that I can give everyone the opportunity to show me why they want to work for our company. I get to see who is truly dedicated and passionate about what we do here."

Steve O’Dwyer – WARP Group

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