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Invite candidates to complete a one-way video interview and instantly meet the top 20%

The future of hiring

We’re proud to announce that Hiya was recognised as one of Westpac’s 200 Businesses of Tomorrow!


The ‘feel’ you quickly get from candidates with a video is something no paper resume could ever give you. You get to see who shares your values, passion and if they are the perfect fit for your company’s culture


An instant first impression

It offers candidates a chance to shine and show you how they would fit into your business


It’s quick and easy

In the time it takes you to complete 1 phone screen, you could watch 10 candidates’ pre-recorded interviews


Face to face?

Screen your candidates with video interviews, before you personally meet them face to face

How do I start interviewing?

Easy! Being a mobile application means you can invite candidates to complete a video interview on the go, anywhere, anytime. Follow these steps to include Hiya in your current recruitment process.

Go forth and start making better hiring decisions today!

Step 1: Download Hiya for free

Jump straight into either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download Hiya to your mobile.


Step 2: Create your unique invite

Simply start by adding the basic position requirements, then click invite. A unique invite link is automatically generated and emailed to you.


Step 3: Attract the perfect fit

Send your interview invite to the applicants from your advertised position and let the best candidates shine through the noise. You can also share your invite on your company’s website, career page, and social media to attract candidates who are passionate about your brand.


Step 4: Review candidates

Get instant notifications when candidates complete their video interviews. Screen the responses to find candidates who share your values, suit your company culture and are passionate about working for your business.


Step 5: Shortlist your favourites

Use Hiya to shortlist your favourites on the go. Pick the best candidates to meet with you for a face to face interview.


Step 6: It's time for a face to face

Notify your shortlist and contact your candidates through Hiya. Interview your candidates and hire the best person for your business.


How do I review a video interview?


With video, you can review each candidate’s demeanour, presentation and communication skills. You’ll also get to see the candidates’ expressions, body language and attitude

Pre-set questions

With our pre-set questions, we’ve created an equal playing field – you compare answers to the same questions presented to each candidate. This helps eliminate subconscious bias

Assess for cultural fit

Being pre-recorded, you can share your candidates’ video interviews with your Senior Management, HR Manager or others involved in the hiring process for a final review

Make an executive decision

Learn if the candidates’ values and ethics fit with your current team culture and if their motivation and passion are aligned with the company’s vision and goals

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