How Hiya works

It’s simple and empowering

Step 1: Show

Create short videos to show your personality, what you’re looking for, your passion and everything else you wish you could say to an employer. Stay in charge of your career and point it in the direction you want.

Step 2: Build

Build your resu-card, incorporating your work history, skills and any qualifications you have gained throughout your career to date. This will help you rank higher in searches and attracts the right employers to you.

Step 3: Be found

Now that you’ve completed your videos and resu-card, you’re going to start popping up on employers’ radars. You will start receiving job requests from companies and you have the power to accept or decline.

Step 4: Get the job you deserve

You have now been completely empowered by Hiya. Choose which job you want and go after it without any fear. You deserve to be successful and you now have the tool to make sure that happens!

Empower your career

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