Who will be able to see my resu-card?

If your account is set to “Actively seeking” or “Working but open to offers” you will be visible to registered employers and recruiters on Hiya. You will not be visible to the public, unless you are actively sharing your resu-card to potential employers outside of the app. All contact info is hidden until an employer requests to contact you and you accept. You have full control.

Can I stop my resu-card being seen?

Yes you can. If you have found a job or just don’t want to be seen, you can simply switch your resu-card to “Not looking for work”. This will turn your account completely invisible and will stop the ability for employers to contact you.

Can I use my resu-card for external job applications?

You certainly can! We highly recommend you add the link to your resu-card to your existing resume. Your videos will give you a massive advantage against other applicants. You can also use the sharing functionality in Hiya to send your resu-card directly to potential employers – Great for if you have a direct contact to the company!

Do I have to complete my video introduction and video interview?

Yes, this greatly affects how you are found employers and we want to give everyone the best chance of finding a job. This feature is the main unique advantage of Hiya, we strongly encourage you complete your videos as it will give you the best opportunity to get the job you deserve.

Why would I share my resu-card on social media?

Sharing your resu-card allows you to send directly to potential employers and shortcut the standard process. It is also a great way to attract any social recruiters you have in your social media network.

How long is the video introduction?

You get 1 minute to record your video introduction.

How long is each interview question?

You have 30 seconds of recording time for each question.

How many attempts do I get to do my video interview?

The amazing thing about Hiya is that you can re-record as many times as you like until you get the perfect video. You can watch each video back before saving to your resu-card. Record your answers at your leisure and nail the first interview without the nerves.

Can I enter my own job title and skills?

If you have a unique job title that isn’t close to anything in our list, you will simply be able to add it. You will just need to be mindful that a company might be searching for something more mainstream, so we strongly suggest selecting from our populated list.

What does resu-card mean?

The word resu-card comes from ‘Resume’ and ‘Business card’. We believe that your resu-card will become your own personal digital business card. 

What information can the employer see?

Employers will be able to see your full work history, your skills, your education, your videos, first name, surname initial and profile photo. You will be able to turn off your profile photos visibility. In ‘Edit resu-card’ you will be able to see how you appear to employers.