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Eliminate the challenges of finding the right employee; control your sourcing from thousands of motivated, active job seekers with ease. The proactive nature of Hiya gives you the power to find the perfect employee by getting to know them as a person, their life goals and career ambitions via pre-recorded videos.

Find and hire the right fit for your business. Make the right decision the first time.


Instantly interview

Hiya understands the recruitment process and showcases job seekers with pre-recorded answers to the 5 most common interview questions. You can review and compare candidates’ answers to these initial questions, giving you more time to ask the in depth questions in a face to face interview.


Stay ahead of the game

Stay completely connected when sourcing and recruiting. Hiya instantly notifies you when new candidates match your searches, ensuring you never miss out on high quality candidates.


Live shortlists

Compile your best candidates into live shortlists on the go. Create multiple shortlists for the different roles you are recruiting for. Confidently contact the best candidates you have sourced directly through the app.


Team collaboration

Keep the whole team involved with the hiring process, making sure your next hire is going to be the perfect fit for your company. Hiya allows you to introduce multiple potential candidates to your team in a matter of minutes, wherever they are, any time of the day.


Streamline your process

Invite your own candidates to complete a video interview to see and hear the awesome person behind the resume. Share your unique interview link on social media and career pages to attract candidates that are passionate about working for your company.

Free up your valuable time. Use Hiya to shortcut to the second interview.


Plans and pricing

Hiya is the most efficient and cost effective recruitment tool. It will change the way you hire forever. Humanise your recruitment today.



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5 live shortlists
Team collaboration
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