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The story behind Hiya and what we stand for

The beginning

The idea of Hiya has been bubbling for some time. We have always felt a disconnect in the traditional job application and recruitment process.

When small businesses urgently need to fill a position, currently they are restricted to posting a ‘wanted’ advertisement and waiting for potential applicants to put themselves forward. More than not, it is the business Owner or Manager responsible for the hiring process. The result is; a wait to see how many applications are received, a nervous sorting of resumes without being able to see the potential in each applicant, either interviewing too little applicants due to not having enough time or feeling like they need to interview a large amount of applicants in order to make a well informed decision. This in turn needs a lot of time spent on the recruitment process. All too often, candidates who could be the ideal candidate for the position are missed due to being lost in a pile of resumes or who are unable to bring their skills and experience to life through their chosen words of their resume.

Typically large businesses and corporate organisations have structured recruitment processes carried out by human resources teams who are able to take the time going through a large number of applications. But it is still not always a proactive approach. When it comes to selection and interviewing of candidates, once again timing can cause issues. The recruitment team may have sent resumes through to the department manager, who is then faced with the same challenges as outlined with small business processes. Once it comes time to scheduling interviews, trying to select a suitable time for multiple people to meet can cause headaches. This process is all based on an applicants written resume before anyone has had the chance to see them.

We are here to change all of that!